November 25, 2009, 12:14 PM
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I try to make a really good case for starting meetings on time. Have a look at

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February 7, 2010, 10:44 AM
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I was such a glass groupie for a couple of years. Your vase was by far my most expensive purchase. Believe it or not, I have 2 of Lino’s Saturn seconds (unsigned) and they each cost less than your piece (they hang outside, exposed to the rain and the elements. I love that and hope Lino would appreciate it). When I moved to Maui I ‘loaned’ the vase to a friend in Seattle. I think he was surprised to find out the loan was over when on a recent visit my girlfriend saw it and fell in love with it. So, we spent the better part of 2 days of our week’s vacation packing and determining the best way to ship it. Obviously it made the journey successfully. And we saw some great music on that trip, including Red Dress who once played in that room right next to the front door of your studio.
I so wish there was a good way for me to display it in bright sunlight for all to see, and to be able to appreciate the magic in the deeper layers, both sides exposed (hard to choose between the side in the photo and the other side, which has the fish that I picked out). The homes here have huge eaves to help keep them cool (it works) and they also block bright light from getting to the windows so short of having a bright interior light shining on it – not too practical, but we’ll be working on it – we’ll just have to enjoy the colors we can see, knowing that there are so many more hidden underneath. Maybe we’ll have a Take the Vase Outside and Share a Glass of Wine With It day once a month. I wonder which goes better with vases, white or red.
Thanks for making some great art and I’m glad I found my way to it. I like that the piece is home again.

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September 28, 2009, 3:30 PM
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They say big changes need to be made to move us into a sustainable future. I have a couple of medium size changes just to test our capacity to adapt.
I’d suggest mail delivery 3 times a week nationally. How much gasoline usage and air pollution will that eliminate? I’m sure we can live with our mail every other day. I hope we can find a way to keep postal workers fully employed. This is about saving energy, not costing jobs
I’d also suggest we move to a national vote-by-mail system for all elections. Not only will that save the gasoline of everyone driving to the polls to vote, but it is a more secure system that leaves a paper trail and results in higher voter turnout.
And I don’t know about where you live, but the faithful crew running the polling place I vote at is getting old and I don’t see many younger folks coming along to replace them. Who is going to run all the local polling places so we are assured of knowledgeable staff moving into the future?
I know at present local jurisdictions have the right to run elections the way they choose, but some standardization moving forward will assure us of keeping one of our most basic, sacred and important rights intact. This is a time when national confidence is being rebuilt, and voting is not something we should take any chances with.
Maury King

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June 19, 2009, 8:48 AM
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Turns out it is Pacific Coast Highway. After a late arrival into LAX and a stop at In ‘n Out Burger (yum!), I decided to take the coast highway and go over Malibu Canyon to get to Thousand Oaks instead of 405 to 101. There were lots of memories.
Starting on Lincoln Blvd in Venice. I don’t remember exactly where, but I passed the site of the old Fox Theater. I remember seeing Little Feat there. There is a great Philly Cheese Steak joint right along that stretch of Lincoln as well. Still there. Maybe lunch on the way back to the airport? Then, just past Pico was the site of Classic Motor Speedway, one of the slot car tracks I spent time at in my youth. Then onto Pacific Coast Highway. Immediately after getting on the highway is Santa Monica pier and beach. That beach parking lot once hosted Cirque du Soleil when they had only one tent show going, not troupes performing all over the world at the same time as they do now. Mom took me. She was good at discovering the next big thing (Penn and Teller followed Cirque, in a tiny theater on Las Palmas off Hollywood Blvd).
Next stop was Sunset Blvd just to see if the Self Realization Fellowship Center was still there. Yes. Then Topanga Canyon, where some good times were had with my buds. Nothing I can talk about. And finally into Malibu. I got choked up driving past the pier and remembering times my mother took me fishing there. I also remembered a more recent time where we stopped for some food at a joint she knew about up at Trancas.
Finally, I turned up Malibu Canyon and thought about the times I drove up to the top of Rambla Pacifico for some of the best views in the world. Pacific Ocean on one side and miles of the Valley spread out on the other side. I took my aunt Eve up there just before she passed away. What a treat for her.
I pulled the car over in a turnout on the canyon road to just breathe and reflect for a moment. Got out, listened to the night sounds. Got in the back seat and thought about writing my thoughts right then. But within moments a cop came by and asked what I was doing. He said I was technically blocking traffic as the turnout was for slow cars, not stopping to enjoy the view (it was 1:30 AM, fer chrissakes, he was the only other car). I thanked him and drove on.
I had no idea that taking the scenic route would be so emotional.
Maury King

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July 8, 2009, 10:28 AM
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When historians in the future look back at 2009, it will appear as the Golden Age of Consumption. This moment will probably be remembered as the time of the biggest cars, biggest homes on large pieces of land designed with excessive use of raw materials, water thirsty landscapes of ornamentals and not edibles, closets filled with extraordinary amounts of possessions. Lucky we live this age, eh?
Historians will also know what happened next. How we got from the Golden Age of Consumption to the Age of Sustainability, where by definition it means managing resource use so the next generations can thrive as we have. I think most people would agree that different behaviors will be needed. The opposite of keeping up with the Joneses, unless the Joneses happen to be the greenest family on the block.
Will people be willing to change their mindset and actions to create a workable new reality? I don’t know. Short of a wakeup call in the form of a catastrophe (like ships not coming here for awhile with everything we consume) I think not. Because the world continues to look and operate just as we are used to. Gas and food are plentiful. There is more stuff than ever available to fill our closets with and it seems an expanding economy is the only way to measure success.
Much of design of the world – or is it just Maui? – seems to revolve around the privileged few and not the average ‘rest of us’. And they use a hugely disproportionate amount of resources and stuff. That doesn’t seem like a recipe for a sustainable future. This is where I intended to put a brilliant closing thought. Sorry, I don’t have one.
So, let’s hope there is a future for those historians to look back from, and let’s make them proud of us.
Maury King

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July 1, 2009, 7:54 PM
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How does OUR government work, anyway? In just the last 3 years I’ve seen several industries that weren’t broken being “fixed” in a way that seems to have horrendous results for the local economy and the idea of keeping money circulating on Maui and creating local jobs.
The vacation rental business has been ‘slashed and burned’. That cost us a whole class of tourists that doesn’t prefer to stay in a hotel and cost us all the meals and activities and other purchases they might participate in; and jobs for the local people working to service and maintain the units. And after finally coming up with a plan for short term rental units, a new tax shoots the whole thing in the foot for many people. Of course the owners that lost their properties already due to the loss of income won’t be affected by the new rules. They’re gone.
The wedding business. What was wrong with the way that industry operated? It seemed to work just fine and made Maui a great choice for people to get married along with all the friends and family that would travel here and contribute to the local economy. Then, new rules were introduced in a most confusing manner with permits required for each and every ceremony and somehow national press appeared suggesting this wasn’t an easy place to get married anymore and that industry suffered.
And now, beach activity businesses. A new set of rules is being proposed that is intended to protect the reefs from the scuba industry. The reasoning (including consultants hired to review the process that supposedly never even talked to any of the business operators that would be affected)and the end result of this debacle just seems so wrongheaded. How were these conclusions arrived at for something that is currently a non issue but new rules will turn into overcrowding at certain beaches at certain times, but will put many operators stone cold out of business. The dive industry says they not only don’t hurt the reefs but teach people how to protect the reefs. The reefs are fishiest and healthiest in the reserves like Honolua Bay and Ahihi-Kinau, visited by thousands of divers and snorkelers, but no fishing is allowed. And with all dive instructors first aid trained, it is like having extra free help on the beaches in case of accidents.
I can’t wait to see the next thing government decides needing fixing around here. Just kidding.
I’m coming to visit our local politicians to learn more about the way things work around here and find out where the OUR is in our government. Who wants the first appointment?

Maury King

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June 26, 2009, 1:30 PM
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I have done a lot of online dating on many different sites. Had a number of relationships with women I’ve met online and have a few thoughts that may be helpful. The best way I can help you is with the process of online dating as I experienced it because I don’t really know who you are, I don’t know if the way you describe yourself is accurate and there isn’t any way for me to know. Accuracy in describing yourself and what you are looking for in a partner are really important – and accuracy in what you look like in your photos. I hope that is obvious to anyone that thinks about it for a moment.
What site or sites are you thinking about joining? I recommend going to those sites and looking at the profiles of other men and women. Yes, both. One is your competition and the other is who you are trying to attract. Get into the way others are using the site so you can learn what you like and don’t like about the way people market themselves. Yes, it is about marketing yourself. Get over it. Remember, everyone else is marketing themselves to you. What a great opportunity.
When you visit a site to ‘research’ profiles, you don’t have to research the local market at first, go to Kalamazoo (or maybe the city where you are from or where you think there are great men and women you might be compatible with). Just read profiles to see how people are doing theirs. Feel free to steal words or phrases you like, especially from someone in Kalamazoo. Find ways to set yourself apart and be unique with your words. That is why you read other profiles, to see what everyone else is saying that looks boring and with a certain sameness and don’t do that.
Have good photos that are accurate and current and show what you really look like today. Look at the photos you like in other profiles. I like close ups of faces and some idea what the person’s body looks like. So someone 500 yards away standing in front of a waterfall shows me they like waterfalls, but not what they look like. My biggest disappointment with online dating is really starting to like someone online and on the phone and then not at all when we meet in person. That can be an instant letdown, especially if people have lied in their photos, so I’m recommending you don’t do that. That letdown can be just about what they look like – which can be avoided for the most part with accurate, recent pics – or also when people get together in person much more is revealed about each other very quickly and there just may not be any chemistry and you may know that in 5 minutes. Or 30 seconds.
You will need to prepare for this search to be a ‘project’ in your life. If you don’t have time for a project, do you have time for a relationship? You will probably be connecting online with multiple people and hopefully meeting several. You are only looking for one person (presumably; no judgment here), so there will be people that aren’t right and you can disengage from them quickly and courteously. That is part of the process. Use the meetings that don’t work to hone your people skills and become comfortable with meeting people this way. You should be able to check your email regularly and be responsive to people that you are in dialog with. Or, this may not be for you.
I do encourage that you search yourself for the answers about who you are and what you are looking for. Every site asks these questions in a different way. Most offer some space for ‘free form’ paragraphs along with all the check boxes. This is a great chance for some soul searching and to be realistic about who you are and what you are looking for. You’ll have to be willing to ‘brag’ about yourself in an honest way so you can tell people what your good qualities and activities are. Also, it doesn’t hurt to be honest about things that aren’t your best qualities so people can eliminate you if you aren’t right for them. Being willing to eliminate people in this manner makes for having less embarrassing coffee dates where you know in 30 seconds but have a full coffee in front of you.
You might get what you ask for, so get clear yourself first. And be willing to present yourself in a manner that represents you. This process will probably work best for people that don’t think of themselves as ‘private people’ as the more you reveal, the better your chance of success.
Have your photos ready to go, post them and hide your profile until the photos show up after being approved by the site (this works differently on each site but it is important) , so when you first ‘hit’ as a NEW member, your whole profile will be complete and ready to go. You only get one chance to make a first impression. More sophisticated sites like that you pay for can email you when new people join that meet your basic set of needs that you can create, so when those emails first go out, you want your photos there.
Don’t just skip through the profile process thinking you’ll go back and answer all those thought provoking questions later. A bunch of answers that just say ‘tell ya later’ doesn’t cut it. Even if you’re just dying to get up and running cos you just found Mr Freakin’ Right and you have to email him Right Now!
You are not obligated to respond to everyone that ‘requests’ you (this is different on each site). You can just ignore people if not interested. I think a short acknowledgment and a polite ‘no thanks’ helps keep integrity in the system. I also recommend moving to the phone after just a few emails or less (that is like going from a one dimensional connection to a 2 dimensional connection) , but only when you feel safe; and meeting in person after a phone call or 2 (going from 2D to 3D). Don’t drag out meeting in person or beware of great expectations turning to great disappointments.
It isn’t the least bit about reality until you get face to face. It is only about what the other person has chosen to reveal and how you’ve colored it to make them into your perfect mate with hardly any information. And (this is the beauty of onlinedating) once you do meet, if you like what each other looks like and feel some chemistry, you are miles ahead of seeing someone across a room and thinking they are attractive, you already know a ton of other stuff about each other and it makes it really exciting to move forward. Especially if people have been totally honest all the way in the process. I once tried to lie about my age to appear ‘just under 50’ but the instant I met a woman I realized I had a lie to clear up before we even got started.
But, women especially, you can have some control over the initial meeting place, so pick someplace you’ll feel safe and comfortable. I like a face to face sit down over coffee or wine with a limited time for a first meeting. Getting together again, even later the same day if you’re hot hot hot, is better than dinner and a movie with someone you knew about after 30 seconds.
I also feel it a courtesy to let people know if you wish to see them again or not, and be honest about it so you don’t add to the conversation about men and women not trusting each other, etc. I would just ask if I wanted to get together again and accept the yes or no I got back, or say something like “thanks for meeting me, I’m not really feeling a strong connection and I wish you the best in finding what you are looking for” if I didn’t. There is nothing anyone has to take personally in that, though if people do, that isn’t your problem. If there is a better way to say ‘no thanks’, please let me know.
As a woman, don’t wait for the men to come to you online. Be sure to use the search features in whatever site(s) you are on and put in some basic criteria like non smoker or whatever is important to you and do your own searches. And write the men you’re interested in. Otherwise you might never find each other. For sure don’t start writing people until your photos have been approved.
I’m only going to say this one other thing about photos. Meeting people is a judgmental process. You will be judged just as you will judge others as someone you might be interested in or not. Certainly this is OK. So, if someone finds you unattractive I think it is better to let them do that online than over an awkward drink where they might be sitting there angry that you don’t look like the woman you looked like 20 years ago in your photos. Or, you’re now a fat(ter) guy.
Here is something interesting. Most people have heard and agree with the concept that ‘men care more about what is on the outside and women care more about what is on the inside’. How this plays out, as a generalization, is that women are happy to judge men on if they love children, do charity work and like to camp; but women don’t like to be judged on what they look like. I don’t think it is really men’s fault that we are somehow attracted to some women and not others. And no matter what the women say, they care what their guy looks like, too.
From my personal experiences, I like for the best paid site and for the best free site, and can also be fun, depending on what you are looking for. I didn’t like as I thought they had way too much process involved in connecting with people.
*A little disclaimer here. If you follow any of this advice and end up married to the wrong person or anything else bad happens to you, it ain’t my fault. Not everybody tells the truth online. Or in person. So, keep your radar at a high level. Have fun, play safe, enjoy life. Oh, and everything I’ve said is the truth.
Maury King

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June 20, 2009, 9:05 PM
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Such a sad day for Maui as Uncle Ed Lindsey passed from this world Wednesday. I only had the privilege to know him slightly in my few years on Maui, but his commitment to the preservation of the island was apparent in everything he did.
I volunteered several times at his Honokawai Valley Restoration project. He led a group of volunteers every Saturday – for 10 years – to bring the valley back to what it was like when Hawaiians lived there. Sundays he led a group to help with reforestation of the land around the Kaheawa wind farm. I hope this work will continue.
He was a very wise man, participated in many groups, had great advice. Good mentors are hard to find. He was one to me. Pono is as pono does. He walked it like he talked it as few others do.
Maui County Council recently named Uncle Ed ‘a beloved Maui treasure’. Thanks for doing that while he could be there to share that moment.
Here is a post called Amazing Honokawai Valley for my impressions of a recent visit.
Maury King

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June 12, 2009, 12:48 PM
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I’ve been a fan of Kenny Rankin, a singer songwriter that never got the recognition he deserved, for many years. He passed away very recently. Here’s my only anecdote.

I finally saw Kenny Rankin, first time after being a forever fan, on Maui Feb 13 2009. Very close up. After he finished one song, I just spoke to him and said “Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I know my girlfriend would love to hear Silver Morning.” He joked around, told me he hadn’t played it in years and might not hit all the notes. I said no problem. He looked at me like “who are you to tell me no problem?” Said he might not remember all the words. I said no problem. He moved to the piano and played the song, my favorite all time of his. Made a couple of mistakes. No problem. I think it got the loudest applause of anything he did. I know I got a lot of points with my girlfriend.

Maury King

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June 6, 2009, 2:08 PM
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Please see a few photos on my website.

Teri and I had a chance to visit Kauai for a few days. We had the use of a beautiful home in Princeville. This island is much more green, lush and wet than Maui. It is the oldest island in the chain and has carved mountains that are all covered in green with their tops perpetually in the clouds. This island is home to the wettest spot on earth.

It was great to see wetland taro flourishing. There are rivers running all over the island. I have never seen one running river on Maui. A few streams, most don’t even make it to the ocean.

We visited Waimea Canyon, called the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. It is very small compared to the Grand Canyon, but you see the similarities. From the rim of the canyon, you can see the island of Niihau, where only 200 people live and Hawaiian is the first language. Next to that is the tiny island of Lehua. Just an uninhabited dot, but these islands are the north end of the populated part of the chain. Many more islands stretch away to the north.

All the way around the island from Waimea Canyon, is the other end of the Napali Coast. To get there from Princeville we drove through Hanalei, where I went to a Club Med about 30 years ago that no longer exists but it was interesting that the house we stayed in was about 1 mile from the site of that club. Of course we waited until the last minute of the last day to visit this spot. So, it was nothing more than a rush to hike as far as fast as we could to catch some views, and turn around in time to wash the sheets before leaving for the airport. Did I mention that this is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been? I’ll be back. We also found time to be lazy for most of a day. Well, me lazy. Teri homework.

In addition to enjoying the lush beauty of the island, we also met some great people that are doing similar sustainability work to what South Maui Sustainability is doing. A great introduction to Keone and Andrea from Malama Kauai. We also met with State Senator Gary Hooser and discovered that he does a workshop called Political Advocacy 101. We invited him to come to Maui and do the workshop through South Maui Sustainability and also ask other groups to invite their members as well. We hope we’ll need a large room for that event. Details to follow. We wish him the best in his 2010 race for Lieutenant Governor alongside Neil Abercrombie., who is running for Governor. This is a team that could make a very positive difference for Hawaii.

We had a great trip. Many thanks to our hosts.

Maury King

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